1957 Volkswagen Beetle

This is an older restoration car that has been driven and thoroughly enjoyed. All the trim was restored with the attempt to keep this car as original as possible even though it has been restored.

Engine Specs 

78mm Stroke / 94mm Bore 
Case has been “clearanced” for bore and stroke 
Counter-weighted forged crank 
1303 Lightweight Forged Chromoly flywheel - 200mm (o-ring sealed) 
1289 Carrillo Chromoly Rods (CB Performance) 5.400” Length 
A/A Pistons & Cylinders 
1421 044 CNC Mini “Wedge Port” Heads (CNC Ported) 94 Bore 
Upgraded 650 Springs 
Custom CC’d 
44mm Intake Valves / 37.5mm Exhaust Valves (Stainless) 
CB Performance “W650” Valve Springs 
1575 1.3:1 Ratio Forged Rocker Arms 
1658 Aluminum Super Duty Push Rods - Blank Ends 
1988 Dual Port Cylinder Covers - Black 
Engle FK8 Cam (300deg Duration -.500” Lift) 
1895 Black 7” Billet Santana Crankshaft Pulley 
44mm Weber IDF Carburetors on CB Performance Manifolds (Port Matched to Heads) 
Case Drilled for “full flow” oiling 
30mm Oil Pump / -6an lines to oil filter and Setrab Oil Cooler 
CB Performance Deep Sump with Extended Oil Pickup 
Kennedy Stage One - 1700lb. 200mm Pressure Plate 
1339 Clutch Disc - Solid Center - 200mm 
12v 75amp Alternator 

Gearbox Specs 

4.12 Swing Axle Transmission 
Swing Axle Super Diff 
Erco HD Side Cover 
Super Beetle Main-shaft 
HD Gears 
3.73 First 
2.06 Second 
1.26 Third 
82/87 Forth 

The body is in good condition, however, there are some rust bubbles coming through around the head lamps and some paint chips. - See photos. 

Interior has been fully restored - The seats are finished in Brick Red - All the gauges have been restored and calibrated. New carpet kit and headlining. 

This beetle is a joy to drive and will certainly put a smile on anyone's face when under acceleration!

  • Older restoration

  • 2165cc built motor

  • Oval window

  • New tires and recent service

Offered at - $25,500